Sciency Stuffs

If I would have had my hubby as a teacher in high school, I may have liked science.  But science is not my cup of tea.  Doug teaches Physical Science for a virtual high school, and therefore teaches out of our home.  I can hear his lessons, and his love for teaching is evident in his lessons.  I never had a teacher that encouraged questions beyond the lesson, or that sang ditties to help remember facts.  My teachers were all rather stingy with praise, but generous with criticism.  Doug is the opposite, and finds the good in every possible way.


When I went to the Madison Quilt Expo this month, I found the cutest science fabric and bought 3/4 of a yard for a pillowcase body.   This morning I plowed through my stash and found some nice fabrics to make a pillowcase for hubby’s big 6-0 Birthday in 2 weeks.

Today I wish that I had bought a couple of yards of the science fabric.  Oh well.  The pillowcase is made the “trickery” way so that no seams are exposed on the inside.  I love that way of making them.

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