Oh, my! I am soooo not a gardener! I want to like gardening, I really do! I like the concept of gardening. But, let’s be real. I don’t like bending, getting dirty, sweating, or bugs and worms. I really love having neighbors that love to garden, though! Doug and I can grow stuff-like burdock, stinging nettle, thistles, and dandelions! Up until last year, we had a huge garden for vegetables. That was Doug’s job, though. I much preferred the canning and preserving part of the process.
I do, however, not mind gardening in raised beds. We have one started this year, but with the crazy heat, it will be put on hold until the autumn, and will hopefully be ready for next spring. But, since we are in the process of remodeling an old (circa 1860) brick house, we find ourselves with “stuff”. I hate the thoughts of putting something in a landfill, so I try to figure out other ways to use things. Like an inexpensive pedestal sink with a huge crack in it. It wasn’t any good for the bathroom, but it does make a cute planter! Doug put down a brick base (which were leftovers from the cistern basement), and managed to secure the sink to the fence so that it couldn’t be knocked over by Grace. A basket of petunias, and instant color with no bending! I love it because, 1. it’s recycling and out of the landfill, and 2. it’s quirky.
And yes, my son in law offered me a toilet to use as a planter, but I declined. I might do that out in the country, but not in town. 🙂