Crocodile Puppet

Grace is in love with Crocodiles!  She loves to play “chase” with her Papa as the crocodile, she loves Peter Pan’s crocodile, and she loves the ‘snap snap’ noise they make (with arms extended doing the jaw movement).  When I saw a dragon puppet on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make her a crocodile puppet!

Here is is!


Here is my inspiration:

I used Red Heart yarn, and an F hook.  I was surprised that it was so small, but in retrospect, I’m very glad that it is the perfect size for Grace’s 3 year old hand!  As you can see, she loved eating her mama’s arm (and everyone else’s arm)!

I followed the directions through most of the puppet, except for the eyes, and I deleted the ears.  For the eyes, I made two as follows:

Make a magic ring.  ch3.  Make 5 DC in ring.  Tighten ring and join in the top of the CH3.

2SC in each stitch around.  (12)  Join with slip stitch

2SC in first stitch, 1sc in next stitch.  Repeat around and join. (18)

2SC in first stitch, 1SC in next 2 stitches.  Repeat around and join. (24).

Leave a long tail, and thread it onto a yarn needle.  Sew around the circle, in one stitch and out the next, to create a “basting” stitch.  Pull the thread to form a ball, stuffing it tightly with fiberfill (or batting scraps).  Fasten off, leaving the tail to sew onto the puppet.  Cut a felt circle and whip stitch to the ball for the pupil.  Sew the eyes to the puppet.


Finger Painting with Pinterest

Yesterday I putzed around the house.  I’m the type of person that thrives on crafting, and I was in my glory yesterday!  I knew that Grace was coming over for the day today, so I went through my boards on Pinterest to find something fun for her to do.  I came across the recipe to make fingerpaints, and that sounded quite do-able.  The recipe called for food coloring, but I was worried that it would stain, so I went to Walmart and bought washable tempra paint.  I made the fingerpaint base, divided it into thirds, and added some of the tempra paint to each bowl. I didn’t have squeeze bottles, so I stored it in old yogurt containers in the fridge.  I also bought an inexpensive 6 muffin tin that will be dedicated to Grace’s projects.  Today, while stuck in the house (105 degree heat index out there!), I put Grace in her booster seat, put an old t-shirt of mine on her, and put down a big sheet of paper.  I then put a glob of the 3 colors of paint in the muffin tin, and showed her to stick  her finger in and go.    It sure didn’t take long before she took off and created her own masterpiece!  I gave her a toilet paper roll, piece of an egg carton and a mini spatula  for some variation.  She loved putting the paint inside of the roll with the spatula!

Grace spent half an hour creating her masterpieces and had a blast.  I, of course, snapped photos and loved watching her!

And for the record, the paint washed up like a dream!  Here’s the final pic of Grace loving her painting…