Well, I’m going to just have to accept that I am a sporadic blogger.  Try though I may, I never seem to get here to post all of the cool things I’m making.

However, here is a print that I made for my Son-in-law’s birthday.  The footprint is Graces, and is the actual size.  We printed her foot on a canvas, then I scanned it and entered it in Photoshop to manipulate it.  Love the texture the canvas brought to the print!  The background is a photo of one of his fields.  I applied a filter and reduced the opacity so that it wouldn’t overpower the tractor.  At the top of the layout, I placed a photo of Grace with her painted foot, and 3 photos of her enjoying farm life.

The layout, which is 8×8 inches, is going in a Scrapbook Page Holder that I got from Michael’s.  I just love this easel type holder that sits on a counter or bookshelf.  It is not only great for layouts, but for recipes!  I’m also thinking of having one as a calendar.Image

New Layout

I’m back with a quick post to show you my newest layout that I made for the Changing Ivy Challenge at Ivy Scraps.  I used the template provided by Designs by Gloria, and my kit, Cranberry Compote, and my daughter’s photos.  I just love this layout–ahhh, to be so carefree!

I thought about naming this “Little House on the Prairie”–doesn’t it remind you of the scenes at the beginning of the show?

Ivy Scraps has so many fun challenges!  Not only can you get some scrapping done, but many include freebies, and you can earn a free kit each month!  Can’t go wrong there!

I have a lot of things that I want to post about, but for right now, this is all I have time for.  I invite everyone to visit Ivy Scraps–I’m pretty sure it’s the friendliest site on the web!  Until next time…


I started doing regular scrapbooking when my mom lived with us.  She was just in the beginning stages of alzheimer’s, and I was looking for an activity that we could do together that would keep her busy, keep her active, be creative, and exercise her memory.  Scrapbooking fit the bill perfectly.  We spent way too much money on our hobby, and scrapbooked every afternoon for years, until she was no longer able.  It was during this time that I started whining to my hubby, Doug, that the embellishments fell off of the pages after a week or a month, and that the glue was way too expensive.  He was a chemist for a large printer, and we worked together to develop a scrapbookers liquid glue, and thus ScrapFusion(tm) was born.

We receive lovely comments from scrapbookers, cardmakers, quillers, and altered art makers.  Colleen shared some cards with us that she made, and I’d love to post them here.  Thank you, Colleen for sharing and allowing me to post these pics!

Can you believe how detailed these are?  She used a Martha Steward punch for the branches.  I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have the patience to make these beauties!

Love the blue and white combo!!




This one, with the window, is so pretty!  Almost (almost, not quite, lol) makes me want winter!  I love the layering!





This card is just so stunning with the red background and the red berries.  I love the branches from other trees in the top corners!




I would love to make my own cards for Christmas…but who am I kidding?  I never seem to find time to send any cards!  Christmas always takes me by surprise.  I usually have one or two gifts made throughtout the year, then I don’t do anything until it’s panic time.  And wrapping?  Forget it!  Doug and I spend Christmas Eve and a good part of Christmas morning wrapping.  Maybe this year I’ll be organized!  Hey, if you’re gonna dream, dream big!

Oh, and did I mention that from now until the end of August, there is free shipping on ScrapFusion(tm)??? 

Speed Scrap!

At Ivy Scraps, I am hosting a Speed Scrap on Monday, July 16th. Meet in the chat room at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST and join us for a little visit. We will chat for an hour, and during that time, I will give you instructions on what to include in your scrap. After the chat has ended, you have 90 minutes to post your layout in the gallery. I will send PM’s with a coupon code to get this kit free! And, if you live out of the country, I will give you 24 hours to post your layout and get the freebie!! Pretty good, eh?
Here’s the kit:

This mini kit coordinates with the larger kit, Black and White-

I am loving this kit! Here is a layout that I made of Grace using the mini and the regular kit-

Both of these kits will be available on Monday, the 16th at