Crocheted Tupperware cover

I have a zillion topics to write about, but I’m going to this one at a time.

I love Pinterest.  I admit, I’m addicted.  I now do things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do because of Pinterest, like crochet a bunch of stuff.  I will get to the rest of these, but the first one I want to show you is this little container.  My daughter gave me a vintage (read: old) tupperware with no lid.  What to do?  I really try to not add to the landfills, and I love stuff to put things into, so I made this…

Yeah, photography is not my thing.  But it really is cute and useful.  The tupperware is one of those “lovely” burnt orange jobbies that originally had a star like lid that you pressed in the center.

I made this crocheted “vessel” from Ravelry, and it fit over the tupperware-snugly.  Then I added some vine, flowers, button centers and leaves, and now I have a cute container to carry more projects from room to room.

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