Market Bag


I have to admit, I do love containers of all kinds…plastic, woven, fabric~if I can put stuff in it, I love it!  I have made a lot of tote bags, mostly quilted, but I wanted to make one from yarn.  I tried a couple of crochet patterns that I found on Pinterest, but ended up frogging 4 different ones before finding one that I loved-mostly.

This is the pattern that inspired me.  I made my first bag almost exactly like the pattern, except I wanted crocheted short handles, so I altered the pattern.  Long straps try my patience when I’m trying to grab the bag and the handle is twisted under this, that or the other-I usually end up dumping the bag trying to grab the handles!  So, using Cynthia’s pattern as a start, I created this bag:


I used 2 skeins of cotton “dishcloth” yarn-this was Peaches and Cream Brand, and started at the bottom.  This is a wonderful market bag with lots of stretch!

I used Size 8 (16″) circular needles, Size 13 (16″) circular needles, and a G Crochet hook.  I have to admit that I’m not the world’s best crocheter, and that I tend to “wing it” to make it work.  My joins at the top are not stellar, so I added a flower to cover up that part. (That’s our little secret.)

To make this bag:

Using smaller knitting needles, cast on 88 stitches.

Place Marker at beginning of all rounds, and move up as you go.  Join, being careful to not twist stitches.

Knit 2 rounds.

Change to larger needles, knitting that round.

Mesh Pattern:  round 1:  Knit

round 2: * Knit 2 together, yarn over*  repeat until end of round

Knit these two rounds until bag measures about 11″.

Next round:  Knit this round, while switching back to the smaller needle.  (Be careful that your stitches don’t fall off of the smaller needles as you continue to knit onto the other end…this happened more than once, then I wrapped a rubber band around the end of the smaller needle to keep those stitches in place.)

On smaller needles, knit another round.

Next round:  We’re going to switch to crochet now…slip the first stitch from the needle onto your hook.Image

Now slide the next stitch onto your hook and off of your needle.  Using your working yarn, Imagepull a loop through both loops on your hook.

Continue moving one stitch at a time from your needle to your hook, and slip stitching until you’ve gone all the way around the bag and have one loop left on your hook.

Using whichever method you like best, working in spiral or rounds, single crochet 2 rows.

Now, lay your bag flat on a table, and find the center stitches  on the top layer and the bottom layer. 

Now, place markers 7 stitches on either side of the two center stitches, leaving 14 stitches between the makers for your handles.

For the next round, SC in each stitch until you get to the first marker.  Chain 20.  Single crochet in stitch after the second maker, and in each stitch until you get to the third marker.  Chain 20, and Single crochet in the stitch after the 4th marker, and continue until the end of the round.

For the next two rounds, SC in each stitch, following up the (chain) handles .  Fasten off.

For the bottom, attach your working yarn in the corner, and work a slip stitch into the front and back cast-on stitches of the initial round, and continue until the bottom is sealed.  Finish off.

For the flower, I used the same yarn and Lucy’s flower pattern, and attached it to where my rounds met.

I hope this pattern makes sense to you.  I love this bag and hope that you will too!



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