Finger Painting with Pinterest

Yesterday I putzed around the house.  I’m the type of person that thrives on crafting, and I was in my glory yesterday!  I knew that Grace was coming over for the day today, so I went through my boards on Pinterest to find something fun for her to do.  I came across the recipe to make fingerpaints, and that sounded quite do-able.  The recipe called for food coloring, but I was worried that it would stain, so I went to Walmart and bought washable tempra paint.  I made the fingerpaint base, divided it into thirds, and added some of the tempra paint to each bowl. I didn’t have squeeze bottles, so I stored it in old yogurt containers in the fridge.  I also bought an inexpensive 6 muffin tin that will be dedicated to Grace’s projects.  Today, while stuck in the house (105 degree heat index out there!), I put Grace in her booster seat, put an old t-shirt of mine on her, and put down a big sheet of paper.  I then put a glob of the 3 colors of paint in the muffin tin, and showed her to stick  her finger in and go.    It sure didn’t take long before she took off and created her own masterpiece!  I gave her a toilet paper roll, piece of an egg carton and a mini spatula  for some variation.  She loved putting the paint inside of the roll with the spatula!

Grace spent half an hour creating her masterpieces and had a blast.  I, of course, snapped photos and loved watching her!

And for the record, the paint washed up like a dream!  Here’s the final pic of Grace loving her painting…


Speed Scrap!

At Ivy Scraps, I am hosting a Speed Scrap on Monday, July 16th. Meet in the chat room at 8 PM EST, 7 PM CST and join us for a little visit. We will chat for an hour, and during that time, I will give you instructions on what to include in your scrap. After the chat has ended, you have 90 minutes to post your layout in the gallery. I will send PM’s with a coupon code to get this kit free! And, if you live out of the country, I will give you 24 hours to post your layout and get the freebie!! Pretty good, eh?
Here’s the kit:

This mini kit coordinates with the larger kit, Black and White-

I am loving this kit! Here is a layout that I made of Grace using the mini and the regular kit-

Both of these kits will be available on Monday, the 16th at


Oh, my! I am soooo not a gardener! I want to like gardening, I really do! I like the concept of gardening. But, let’s be real. I don’t like bending, getting dirty, sweating, or bugs and worms. I really love having neighbors that love to garden, though! Doug and I can grow stuff-like burdock, stinging nettle, thistles, and dandelions! Up until last year, we had a huge garden for vegetables. That was Doug’s job, though. I much preferred the canning and preserving part of the process.
I do, however, not mind gardening in raised beds. We have one started this year, but with the crazy heat, it will be put on hold until the autumn, and will hopefully be ready for next spring. But, since we are in the process of remodeling an old (circa 1860) brick house, we find ourselves with “stuff”. I hate the thoughts of putting something in a landfill, so I try to figure out other ways to use things. Like an inexpensive pedestal sink with a huge crack in it. It wasn’t any good for the bathroom, but it does make a cute planter! Doug put down a brick base (which were leftovers from the cistern basement), and managed to secure the sink to the fence so that it couldn’t be knocked over by Grace. A basket of petunias, and instant color with no bending! I love it because, 1. it’s recycling and out of the landfill, and 2. it’s quirky.
And yes, my son in law offered me a toilet to use as a planter, but I declined. I might do that out in the country, but not in town. 🙂

Hybrid Notebook


I made a fun Hybrid Notebook using some digital elements that I designed and some traditional scrapbooking techniques on an inexpensive composition notebook.  I know, this is not a new thing, but hey, you don’t always have to reinvent the lightbulb!  Sometimes, you just want to decorate it.

Anyway, to kick off my new blog, I am offering a freebie–a JPEG file with the digi-elements for you to print and use to make your own Hybrid Notebook!  (Click on the blue letters to be taken to the link.)

Here is a quick Tutorial on how to make the notebook.

1.  First of all, using sandpaper, sand off the front cover.  You want to make sure to remove the gloss and give the cover some “tooth” for maximum glue adhesion.  Wipe off the cover with a dry cloth.

2.  cut 3 sides of your background paper roughly and inch larger than your notebook.  Leave one edge straight, so that you can line it up perfectly with the spine “tape” on the composition book.

3.  Using ScrapFusion(tm) Adhesive in the Spout top and a brush, brush the glue on the front cover upto the spine.  Be sure to apply an even coat, and to cover the entire area, especially the edges.  Smooth any air bubbles out, and let dry.  Once dry, open your front cover and turn it face down on a cutting surface.  Use the cover as a guide for your very sharp blade to trim the paper to size.

4.  In the meantime, print your digi elements onto white cardstock, using the highest resolution settings on your printer.  If you plan on adding a topcoat (eg Mod Podge), be sure that your ink is waterproof and will not smear.  You can always have the page printed out at the local Walmart of Walgreens.

5.  Using nice sharp paper scissors, cut out the elements/letters that you want to use.  Feel free to add stickers, diecuts, glitter, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

6.  Use ScrapFusion(tm) Adhesive in the Needle Nose bottle for ultimate control of gluing small pieces, and ScrapFusion(tm) in the Daubber Bottle for larger pieces.  Glue all of your pieces onto the background sheet and add any extras.  As you can see, I added some glitter to my book.  If you add glitter, be sure to let it dry!  Smeared glitter is not a thing of beauty.

7.  You can add stamps, whitewash, sand the edges, add ribbon, eyelets, or anything else at this point.

8.  After you are sure everything is dried, feel free to add 2 coats of Mod Podge.  I plan on using my notebook a lot, so I wanted to make sure it would stay clean, so I opted to use a topcoat.  Whether or not you do, is totally up to you.

There you have it!  A fun notebook for yourself or to give as a gift.  Think of all of the possiblities…teacher gifts, journal for your daughter, her friend, or the babysitter, gift lists, or just about anything you can think of!  With all of the digital kits and freebies out there, why not take advantage and create something totally unique?  For a wonderful selection of digital kits, visit Ivy Scraps and be sure to post photos of your projects in the gallery.

PS…yes, this post did include a shameless plug for our glue, ScrapFusion ™ Adhesive.  For more information on ScrapFusion ™ Adhesive, visit our ‘soon to be improved’ website,  We are working hard to re-vamp the website, but I can assure you, the glue is AWESOME!

Pss…I am the first to admit, I am NOT a great photographer…


And welcome to The Quilted Pixel.  My goal is to share ideas for crafting, cooking and the home that are fun, beautiful, and economical.  I promise to stay away from any and all political discussions on this blog, and to keep all my posts upbeat and happy!  I am an avid quilter, paper scrapbooker, digital scrapbooker, knitter, crocheter, cook, baker, reader and Nana.  Throughout my posts, you will be introduced to my hubby of 35 years, Doug, Grace, our granddaughter, and Isabella, our toy poodle.  I will  officially begin this blog tomorrow, with a hybrid project that I just finished, so be sure to come back!